The inspection we carry out will be followed by a detailed report of our findings, as you can imagine the larger the job the more detailed the report will be. For a simple client who wishes to discover what is causing your flooring issues the Silver Package is perfect. If you merely wish to know what or who is to blame and how you can fix it then you need look no further than here. Although the Silver Package is also perfect for any small less serious disputes you may be having with those who are possibly to blame for your flooring issues.

Depending upon your requirements you can always expect a professional response for simple disputes, for example a problem with our installer you will likely only require a basic report confirming whether or not the installer is at fault for not providing you with a satisfactory level of workmanship. In such cases the Silver Package will easily provide the service you require. Some issues with installers or suppliers may require more in depth inspections however, depending upon the size of the job and the level of your complaint, in which case you will be better off opting for a more detailed inspection and report, such as those offered with the Gold or Diamond Packages. Although our basic inspection is indeed very detailed you may have to purchase the gold will receive is off the following in the Silver package.

The Silver Package Covers:

  1. Findings: What we discover when we inspect your flooring.
  1. Conclusions: This is the most important for our clients as it deals with who or what is to blame.
  1. Recommendations: Once the problem has been identified we can recommend a remedy if possible.