Often during smaller domestic flooring disputes after we have inspected and reviewed the items of contention court is avoided, with those who are to blame, more often than not, accepting their liability and settling the dispute an agreeable remedy is obtained. However for larger issues that go beyond a simple inspection and domestic flooring dispute, the Silver Package may no longer be the best option, at which point the Gold Package becomes the service of choice.

There are those occasions in which the dispute has gone on for some time with several parties involved with neither party willing to give ground and court looking like the only option. What the Gold Package offers is an inspection and following report that is incredibly difficult to argue with. After we carry out our inspection and provide not only written but photographic evidence of who is at fault, there is little left for the offending party to argue with.

This report highlights everything including photographic evidence so that you and those you have issue with can view the visual evidence what has happened to your flooring along with the details of who and what is at fault, and if necessary materials sent to a scientific laboratory for testing.

The Gold Package Covers:

The standard written report that you get with the Silver Package including our recommendations on the best course of action to remedy the flooring issues at hand, however with the Gold Package our report will also include photographic evidence and other visual data as gathered from additional inspection techniques and tests. The findings report you get with the Gold Package will leave very little for anybody to argue with. This package is best used for larger andĀ lengthierĀ disputes where the other party will only budge when confronted with undeniable evidence.