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Over my time as a flooring inspector I have faced many floors that have failed in many places….

On my blog I am going to tell you about each of the flooring inspections in and around the UK.

I shall begin with A failed floor in Manchester.  Someone required a flooring inspector in Manchester for some faulty Amtico tiles in a bathroom to be inspected.

On arrival I instantly noticed that was damp rising underneath the Amtico tiles, I knew this as there was a salty substance on the sub-floor and the glue had not bonded properly to the tiles and the sub-floor.

I then proceeded to use my damp test meter to check for how much damp was rising causing the tiles to lift.

I then proceeded to document my findings and take some visual evidence of the lifting Amtico tiles for the customer and report the correct action that should of been taken to prevent such a thing to happen.

Occasionally people can see what the issue is with the floor, Such as a soaking wet floor or poor subfloor… But they do not know the causes of why and how it happened, And the preventative action that should of been taken to stop these issues.

But the customers are not independent to the matter. That is why my expertise and fair reports are vital to anyone who has had a floor incorrectly installed or faulty flooring.

I have attended many flooring inspections in Manchester and the surrounding area’s and enjoyed connecting with my customers, Giving them positive feedback and an in-depth report of my flooring inspection.

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My name is Tom and for over 40 years I have been in the flooring trade. I have accumulated over the years a vast amount of in-depth knowledge about every aspect of flooring and the problems that can arise.

For some time now I have been helping people with failed flooring all over the UK, And in some cases overseas. Carrying out various flooring inspections.

I shall give you some examples of where I travel inside of the UK so you can get an idea of how far I travel.

I have done flooring inspections in Nottingham, Flooring Inspections in Birmingham, Flooring Inspections in Manchester, Flooring Inspections in London, Flooring inspections in Leeds, Flooring inspections in Liverpool,  Flooring inspections Newcastle.

These are just a small amount of places I travel to… But you get the jist.

I have a good reputation for keeping my customers best interests at heart, While maintaining my pleasant, professional nature.

I have been faced with many types of failed flooring that my clients employ me to carry out flooring inspections.

Here are to name but a few:

  • Carpet inspections
  • Woolen carpet inspections
  • Wood inspections
  • Laminate wood inspections
  • Bamboo Inspections
  • Ceramic tile inspections
  • Industrial flooring inspections
  • Vinyl inspections – (And many many various types of flooring)

These are some of the most common types of flooring that fail, And I often needing a reliable independent flooring inspector who can assist at an extremely fair price – Quite often trading standards will give people my telephone number to their clients.

As I mentioned previously, I have quite a reputation as being extremely professional and helpful with any customer that wishes for me to carry out any flooring inspection within the UK. Not to mention an amazing reputation for being a very reliable contact in the failed flooring industry among some of these biggest associations and companies.

If you need an independent flooring inspector to travel anywhere in the majority of the UK, Then I am more then willing to come and assist you. Even if you need some friendly advice… Then please do not hesitate to call me on:


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